Question: Sind Kontakte auf der SIM-Karte gespeichert?

Die Speicherung der Kontakte auf der SIM-Karte ist eine effektive Möglichkeit, Ihre Daten für die Zukunft zu speichern. Dies ist jedoch nicht die einzige Methode, die Daten vom Telefon zu einem anderen Handy zu übertragen.

Was ist alles auf der SIM Karte?

Mit Hilfe der SIM-Karte werden die PIN, die Rufnummer und das individuelle Telefonbuch gespeichert. Sie dient zur Identifikation des Nutzers im Netz - „SIM“ steht für Subscriber Identification Module, was auf deutsch so viel heißt wie „Teilnehmer-Identitätsmodul“.

They can only be disabled by changing your browser settings. They help us to continually improve our website for you as a user. The collected data is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

They are also used to determine how many times an advertisement appears and to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. In the Rega app, a tap of the finger is all it takes to initiate an alarm call and automatically transmit the location to the Rega Operations Centre. In addition, a phone connection is set up with the Operations Centre and after speaking with the person raising the alarm, the Operations Centre initiates the rescue. The direct transmission of the coordinates to the Operations Centre saves valuable time and facilitates the search for the accident site.

If it is not possible to raise the alarm via the app, Rega can be alerted by calling the emergency number 1414. How to install the Rega app on your smartphone The Rega app can be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play. If the app is already installed on a smartphone, it can be updated to the new version in the store. If the Automatic App Updates option is enabled, the latest version will be ready for use as soon as the app is opened. Sind Kontakte auf der SIM-Karte gespeichert?

the test alarm, you can make sure that the alarm feature will work correctly in an emergency. It checks whether your location can be retrieved and transmitted.

As soon as you have successfully initiated a test alarm, you will receive a confirmation message. It does not set up an actual call with the Rega Operations Centre. In order for an alarm call to be initiated, at least a minimal connection with a mobile network is necessary. In the complete absence of any network coverage, it is not possible to raise the alarm and thus it is also not possible to contact the Operations Centre by mobile phone. What could be the reason for this?

First, the location services feature needs to be enabled in your smartphone settings. If possible, you should change your location and initiate the alarm call outside in the open air. How can I contact Rega in the event of an emergency? In the event of an emergency, you can alert Rega via the app. How should I proceed in an emergency? Can I also alert Rega from areas bordering on Switzerland?

If you find yourself in an emergency situation and are not sure on which side of the Swiss border you are, we recommend that you first contact Rega by using the Rega app. If, Sind Kontakte auf der SIM-Karte gespeichert?

the other hand, you are sure that you are outside Swiss territory, you should call the local rescue services, the European emergency number 112 or the number 911. Experience has shown that this is the quickest way to deal with emergencies beyond the Swiss border. When you are pursing outdoor activities e. Then friends or relatives can track your route. In an emergency, Rega can determine your last location and send help. You can also alert Rega on behalf of another person who has shared their location with you but is not able to raise the alarm themselves.

In addition to your location, the location of the person in distress is then transmitted to the Rega Operations Centre — so that medical assistance gets to where it is needed as quickly as possible. Rega generally stores your location data for a maximum of 96 hours, after which it is deleted. Other personal details are stored for as long as the app is installed on your smartphone or, if it is optional data, until you delete them. Before the release of the new version, we tested the Rega app extensively on various devices and operating systems.

Unfortunately, it can happen that errors occur in certain constellations that cannot be detected in the previous testing, or only with difficulty. Please report the error to us with a short description at info rega. Errors reported to us will be addressed immediately and corrected on an ongoing basis. The only people who can see your live location are those to whom you sent the link from the Rega app.

In order for your location to be displayed, the recipient of the link Sind Kontakte auf der SIM-Karte gespeichert? also have installed the Rega app. This enables us to check whether the number entered really is the correct one for the smartphone on which the various features have been enabled.

In the event of an emergency, a correct phone number is vital for a rescue to be performed as efficiently as possible. Your personal details are extremely helpful for our Operations Centre. Important: It is not mandatory to enter your Sind Kontakte auf der SIM-Karte gespeichert?

Sind Kontakte auf der SIM-Karte gespeichert?

data to be able use the app to raise the alarm. However, we recommend that you at least enter and verify your mobile phone number so that Rega can contact you in an emergency. To ensure that your profile details are complete, we also recommend that you enter your patronage number and your postcode.

Then your personal details can be clearly assigned to a specific Rega patronage. These details are transmitted when the alarm is raised, and after a mission they also help to ensure that the administrative work is completed as efficiently as possible.

How do I do this?

Sind Kontakte auf der SIM-Karte gespeichert?

The language in which the Rega app is displayed depends on the language setting on your device. The app is available in German, French, Italian and English. If your smartphone is set to another language than these, the Rega app will automatically default to English. Therefore, you can use the German, French, Italian or English version of the Rega app simply by enabling the appropriate language setting on your device.

The main function of the Rega app is to call out Rega quickly and easily in an emergency. You can alert Rega with a tap of the finger. Your location is then automatically transmitted directly to the Operations Centre. This Sind Kontakte auf der SIM-Karte gespeichert? valuable time in an emergency. The Sind Kontakte auf der SIM-Karte gespeichert? Rega app should therefore be installed on every smartphone. Besides Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the new version of the Rega app is also available for download in the app stores in Germany, Austria, France and Italy.

This benefits tourists from neighbouring countries who are out and about in Switzerland, as well as piste rescue services close to the Swiss border, who frequently use the app to call out Rega direct from the ski slopes. An overview of all the features of the Rega app can be found.

In order to ensure that the app functions correctly at all times and can fulfil its purpose, we are forced for technical reasons to adapt it to the current devices and operating systems. This means that some older operating systems and devices are no longer supported. To install the app, you will need Android 6. If the Rega app is not available for a particular mobile device, the Rega Operations Centre offers another way to locate a person in an emergency. By opening this link, the recipient can then transmit their coordinates to the Operations Centre via a mobile website.

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In addition, the location services feature should be enabled in the smartphone settings and the use of the location authorised for the mobile browser. Like many other apps, the Rega app requires a mobile data connection to perform certain functions e.

Depending on your contract with your mobile phone provider, this may result in certain charges being payable. The flight coordinator sees this location directly on the map on their monitor, and can thus mobilise the appropriate means of rescue more quickly.

The automatic transfer of data also prevents errors from occurring, which might otherwise arise when giving coordinates verbally in a stress situation. Besides the coordinates, the personal details stored in the app, as well as information about the battery level of the smartphone, are transmitted to Rega — data that in certain circumstances can be important for the further communication between the Operations Centre and the person raising the alarm.

No, the Rega app was not developed in accordance with the legal provisions governing emergency call systems for people working alone.

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