Question: What do the colored circles on match mean?


Each colored circle on Match represents a different activity status. The solid green circle indicates that the user has been online within the last 45 minutes. The empty green circle indicates that the user was last online between 46 minutes to 24 hours ago.

One of the biggest challenges that online daters have, no matter which dating site or app they are using, is that it can be very challenging to tell how recently someone has logged in.

Indicator dots? : match

Next to their profile and whether or not you find them attractive, that is probably the most important thing to look for when deciding if you should send someone a message on any dating site. Today I want to focus on a big new change that Match. This is super important because the people who are the most recently active are generally the ones who are most seriously looking for a real relationship.

What do the colored circles on match mean?

They give you the least amount of information possible and let you focus almost entirely on a photo that most people swipe left or right on in less than half of a second. You can still log in to your account, but no one will see you between the 60-day mark and the next time you log in.

What do the colored circles on match mean?

When you run a search on Match. Once you have run your search, focus only on the green dots, the green circles, the yellow circles, and the first couple lines with no mark at all. Wherever they are, meeting someone is not high on their priority list.

Just following those two, simple steps will help cut out a huge amount of your online dating failure. You are essentially emailing the ghosts of dating past.

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